Living Life with Less Baggage. 

39 days until departure

H A P P I N E S S is packing for an amazing trip. Unless that trip is a year long, involves multiple climates, and you are a twenty-eight year old girl with a borderline shopping problem. Anyone who knows me knows that I got 99 dresses and I can’t choose one. So I’m starting early. Giving myself lots of time to ‘trim the fat’ when it comes to my travel wardrobe.  

Step #1 – get a pack. Not a light decision as this bag is going to be the shell on my back for the next year. I went to every outdoor travel store in town, found the C U T E S T male employee, and got to work! Four stores, sixteen contenders (bags, not boys), and $250CAD later – I found the O N E. My brand new Deuter Futura Vario 50 + 10 is coming along with me for a L I F E – C H A N G I N G ride around the world.  

Step #2 – attempt to fit everything in.

 I started . . . 

I sorted . . .

Rolled my little heart out. . . 

And (drumroll please) T A – D  A A A!!! Hoola hoop and yoga mat included!! 


Step #3 – start training. Now that my pack is filled, I headed to Knox mountain to see if I can actually hike with this thing! 


S U C C E S S !!!   


4 thoughts on “Living Life with Less Baggage. 

  1. I loved reading this Nat.
    I cannot wait to hear about your traveling experience through your blog. Blog for yourself and enjoy every second. Love ya lots.


  2. Tash – You inspire me!! I will be living vicarelessly through you while at the same time missing your sparkle but happy for your journey. 😘 “BOOP” all the way!!! Love you !! 💜


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